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Private Instruction

Meredith currently maintains a private studio based in two locations, in University Place / Tacoma and in her home in West Seattle.

She teaches traditional guitar lessons to students of any age and the Suzuki method for the instruction of young children (ages 4 and up).

Students of the Suzuki method use the same principle as that of language Š when it is part of your culture and your everyday life every child can become an accomplished musician. It is best to start young with this method, from ages 4 through 8. For more information on the Suzuki method please see the Suzuki Association of the Americas website.

In individual lessons using traditional teaching methods, the program is tailored to suit the needs and likes of each particular student. Usually the course of study involves both note reading and Classical guitar, coupled with popular songs using chords and strumming techniques. All programs of study involve note reading and some music theory, because armed with those tools the student can progress in whichever direction they wish. Creative projects such as songwriting are also encouraged and explored.

Group children’s classes are currently run on a quarterly basis on Wednesday evenings through University Parks and Recreation. Group adult classes are run Spring-Winter-Fall through Pierce College. If you are interested in either of these classes please contact the organizations directly. For individual lessons contact Meredith at meredithconnie@yahoo.com or (206) 288-9915.

Video Links

Solo Guitar: Dos Aires Populares Cubanos
by Leo Brouwer

Original song: Shiny Things recorded live 2011

Collaboration with dancer/choreographer Katie Stricker

Original song: New recorded 2010

Musical Projects

Meredith is active as a composer and as a singer/songwriter. Recent collaborations with dancers Katie Stricker and Carrie Goodnight were performed at a number of venues in the Tacoma area, and a video of the work “The Right Angle and the Fact” can be seen on this page.

A composition of Meredith’s for flute and guitar “Stolen Moment No. 1” was chosen to be showcased at the annual Tacoma Art Slam and can be viewed on the Tacoma Arts Commission home page under “Art Slam”. This work is also included on the Imaginary Landscapes recording.

Meredith is also currently in the midst of a long term project to record her songs and release it as “City of Trees”. Some of Meredith’s songs, as well as other collaborative duos and projects can be viewed at her YouTube channel, and you can keep up to date with her various activities on the calendar.